Our Difference

Held to a higher standard

All Star Financial is held to a high standard established by the SEC. Investment advisers have to act in the best interests of the client to meet the advice requirements of the fiduciary standard. Traditional in-bank brokers or available brokerage advisers only have to meet the product suitability standard.

By following the fiduciary standard, All Star Financial does not take payments from investment companies or other financial services firms as an incentive to recommend their products. As a fee-only adviser, we answer only to you.

To explain further, please take a few short minutes and watch the video titled, The Butcher versus The Dietician.

The Fiduciary vs. The Suitability StandardActing on the Fiduciary Standard, as is required by SEC standards, All Star Financial puts the client and the client’s interests at the center of the relationship, avoiding any conflict of interest. The Suitability Standard is less stringent, which FINRA registered brokers have to follow. That means that a suitability of the product is the only requirement that needs to be met. Consequently, investment product or products can be sold that benefits the seller more than the buyer. We want the goals and objectives our top-tier community bank customers to be the focus of every decision.