Wealth Management Experience

An independent, unbiased approach

All Star Financial has over 25 years of experience managing the investment portfolios of individuals, companies and organizations. The company’s investment advisers are involved at all levels of your wealth management needs whether you need retirement planning, estate planning, tax planning and preparation, Social Security maximization, or education funding. We also serve corporate clients, managing more than $1 billion in 401(k), 403(b), 457, pension and profit sharing and cash management.

Our process always begins by having you complete a risk tolerance questionnaire. This is proven to be the most effective way to measure an investor’s level of risk and ability to stomach the ever present market fluctuations. Knowing your sleep comfort level is the first step in forming a good financial plan.

We take an unbiased and non commission, fee-only approach in guiding your plan. In other words, no commission is earned through selling specific product like a broker does. This approach is what makes us different than the typical institution-based brokerage service. It puts your interests first. Our first and only loyalty is to your financial health!

To explain further, please take a few short minutes and watch the video titled, The Butcher versus The Dietician.

All Star Financial

All Star Financial’s business model is founded on the idea of building wealth and retaining wealth accomplished through a disciplined, value-driven investment process.


Our Difference

Not every investment adviser acts in the best interest of his or her clients. SEC regulated, All Star Financial is held to a fiduciary standard compared to a suitability standard.


Team Leadership

Leadership team features a wealth of knowledge, as well as bank ownership, financial industry, operations and banking services experience.