Community Connections

Sharing lifestyle and investing experiences

Our Private Client Investors and the community banks that serve them are an elite group. In their communities, they represent leadership and success. By building relationships in your community, we’re honoring the mission of creating, building and enhancing this community. This is Private Client Connections and is active at your local level and wherever our Private Client Investors are found.

Here’s your opportunity to meet and build a larger network and connect with those who you share so much in common. You’ll discover that within our community of Private Clients there are many like-minded individuals, with whom you may share the same similar occupation and career experiences before retirement. By building your contacts among them, opportunities are created for socializing and pursuing favored or new passions, such as hobbies and traveling.

There’s the huge opportunity to give back to your community as a group of Private Clients when you are active volunteering, doing charitable work or providing leadership to local non-profit organizations. We encourage you to be among this Private Client group committed to giving back to the local community.

Plus, there’s the opportunity to leverage your relationship with your community bank and your Private Client peers to increase your knowledge of the markets, transitioning 401(k)s and investing—and swap stories about how you have tried different approaches to providing your family and yourself a safer way to a successful retirement until your community bank and All Star Financial brought you all together.