Private Client Investors

We understand we are not for everyone.

Our preference is to provide personal service to customers who understand that they can no longer do it themselves. As former “DIY’s”, they need to partner with their bank and All Star Financial to come up with a solution tailored to their unique risk level. Our customers are typically busy, ambitious and successful—and understand that paying a fee for expert advice is worth more than anyone can describe. As a benchmark, we work with individuals with more than $500K of investable assets and above.

High-net worth people of all ages or people in their pre-retirement years—or are early in retirement—who are ready to start planning, are perfect candidates for our approach to Private Client Wealth Management. We also place a preference on working with individuals who look for more education on investing and want family members involved to better understand the continuity of the planning process.

Streamlined Reporting Processes

All Star Financial delivers its solution and engages its Private Client investors in a way that is easy and convenient.


News & Trends

Industry, Private Client and Wealth Management Trends are posted here to help keep our customers informed.